This is us (Abby and Matt)  Photo credit: Chris Copeland

This is us (Abby and Matt) Photo credit: Chris Copeland


Forever Social is made up of two people, Abby and Matt (pictured above). We met at a house party in 2012 and we just recently got married, in October 2018! (So we know what you're going through with lots to think about and making tonnes of decisions!) 

Both coming from a professional photography and film background, we got talking in 2012 and two years later, in 2014, we set up Forever Social.

Our aim was (and still is) to create the best wedding visuals you can find anywhere. We're still on that journey today and we've found that our work keeps evolving, as we meet like-minded people, who put their trust in us to capture the emotion of their wedding day. 

We want our films and photography to bring back the feeling of your wedding day - not just the sights and sounds. We work naturally and unobtrusively, allowing you to enjoy your day. Our motto for how we work on your day is that we 'document and don't direct'. We found that this is how we get the happiest and most natural visuals from your wedding, as you can see from both our film and photography portfolios above!

Abby began her journey into photography and film during her degree in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art. Alongside her art installations and photography exhibitions, Abby honed her love for film production during her time at Blue Peter. Abby worked full time as a photography tutor and community photography facilitator at Belfast Exposed Gallery, before becoming full time with Forever Social in 2016.

Matt's background is in music and he has a Masters in Music Technology. Matt has been filming for over seven years. Following a full time role in Communications for the Human Rights Consortium, Matt became a self-employed videographer and editor in 2012 and has created films for the likes of Amnesty International, SKY TV and for the United Nations at their headquarters in Geneva. 

In 2017, we added photography to the list of visual services we offer, with Abby being the photographer and Matt being the videographer. We're really excited about bringing our brand of visuals to wedding photography, as well as film, and you can see examples of our photography work here.

We love consuming all forms of visuals. The more abstract, old school and nostalgic, the better. We're huge music fans with massive love for Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Bon Ivor, Elvis and a huge spectrum of artists and bands. We're also massive dog people and we own a Jack Russell Terrier called Eddie (after the dog in Frasier

This is our full time job, but it's also our hobby and what drives us. We're always looking for new ways to make our audience feel like they were right there, to make our work feel like a memory - dreamy and nostalgic.

We co-produce and co-edit every frame of every wedding. We never outsource our work. When you book us it will be us answering every email, it will be us there with you on your day and also us editing every single frame in our office!

We accept a limited amount of weddings each year, so if you look at our portfolio and feel that we'd be a good match for you both - get in touch via our contact form.