Amy & Jamie // Cliff at Lyons Wedding // Photography and Film


‘We absolutely L O V E our photos and videos! We cannot thank you both enough for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. We watched the video (quite a few times lol) and it just felt like we were there again and all the great memories and emotions came flooding back! The soundtracks are all lovely too.

We will have a hard job selecting which photos we want to use in our wedding album as there are so many images we love, with every tiny detail photographed. Thank you so much again and we are delighted to have all these to look back through in years to come.’ 

- Jamie and Amy after receiving their photographs and films

Just a week before Jamie and Amy’s wedding, most of the bottom half of Ireland was brought to a complete standstill with an extreme amount of snow. In fact, the venue where Amy and Jamie had their wedding, Cliff at Lyons, had so much snow just a few days beforehand, that it had to close completely. Thankfully though, the snow had mostly cleared and we even got some sunshine! Only a few reminders remained, in the form of pockets of snow here and there and the stone path across the lake at Cliff at Lyons was flooded over (as you’ll see below) 

We always feel really lucky at the fact that we get to meet so many amazing people through this job. Not only that, but we get a front row seat on one of the biggest days in their lives. Jamie and Amy were so great to be around. Their day (and they themselves) were full of so much emotion, as were their families and friends. There were so many happy tears throughout the day and it was really special for us to document all of that emotion.

It was our first time at Cliff at Lyons and we loved it. Such a stunning venue inside and out. We loved every room in the building, especially the room where the speeches and dinner took place. The Orangery too deserves a special mention. 

Jamie and Amy soaked in every second of their day. They were present and ecstatic and you can see that so clearly in their images. Their aisle walk was one of the smiliest and happiest we’ve ever seen. This theme ran throughout their entire day, from the way that they looked at each other to how much everyone laughed and participated throughout the day.