Sarah and Charlie // Burtown House Wedding // Photography and Film //


‘We are just blown away! Guys, these are just absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! You really captured amazing moments and didn’t miss a thing! We did a screening of the film at home, surrounded by family and friends, with a lot of tears (happy ones!) You really are so talented and a dream to work with!’

- Sarah after receiving their wedding photos and films.

It was while skyping with Sarah and Charlie ahead of their wedding, that we first got wind of an array of really special details and personal moments that would be happening on their wedding day. It was also clear from the outset that their wedding day was about both of them enjoying time with each other, alongside their close families and friends.

The first thing that we loved was that the morning prep, the ceremony and the reception were all taking place in the one venue, the stunning and beautifully charming, Burtown House and Gardens in County Kildare. So there was plenty of time on the day once everyone arrived, for everyone to enjoy themselves and soak in the atmosphere, the location and the occasion. It was our first time at this venue and we loved everything about it. So much character within each building and such a beautiful myriad of gardens and grounds, alongside old stone walls and orchards - perfect for both photography and film.

Sarah and Charlie threw superstition to the wind (rightly so!) and they spent the morning together in the same house, had breakfast together and Charlie was still around when Sarah sat down to have her make-up done. There’s a photo of them below having a chat in the hallway before they both got ready. This relaxed and personal vibe ran throughout the entire day and it brought an atmosphere of contentment and happiness.

Sarah and Charlie also had a ‘First Look’ (which we love!) down along the river by an old wooden bridge, such a special moment for them both to connect ahead of their ceremony.

Some other really special moments included Sarah’s mum walking her up the aisle while her dad played piano and sang…! Personal moments like this filled their day. Sarah had also commissioned a painting of her mum walking her up the aisle as a gift for her parents on the wedding morning. Every detail was exact (even though the moment itself had yet to happen!) from Sarah’s wedding dress, right down to the outfit her mum was wearing. You can see it in the photos below.

This was one of those days where the atmosphere sticks with you and shines through all of the imagery. So relaxed, calm, joyous and serene. The pace of the day and the way Sarah and Charlie had everything planned, lent itself perfectly to a really personal, loving and magical day. We hope you enjoy their film teaser and the photos below.

Abby and Matt