Tasha and Joe // Boyne Hill House Wedding // Photography and Film //


‘I'm literally in tears. We laughed and cried. It was such an amazing day and I'm so happy you both helped capture all the special moments for us. You are both amazing at what you do and you made it easy for us to relax. I wish we could do it all again.’

- Tasha after receiving their wedding photos and films.

We first met Tasha and Joe at the end of Summer 2018. The biggest heatwave in years was coming to an end and when we met them in our balmy office in South Belfast, the first topic of conversation was around whether the weather would stick around or come back for their September wedding. An “Indian Summer” was what we were hoping for.

We instantly clicked with Tasha and Joe, they were both easygoing, funny and both excited for their wedding. We were excited too. Excited about their plans for their day. The more details we heard in that meeting, the more excited we got for it. From Tasha getting ready in Slane Studios Airbnb (which is an actual recording studio in County Meath) to their stunning reception at Boyne Hill House.

We were right to be excited!

Everything was amazing on the day (as you’ll see below). The recording studio where Tasha was getting ready was such a beautiful venue for morning prep, with pockets of sunlight shining through high set windows. Beautiful wooden floors, interesting art work and shelving around the room, adorned with vinyl records and books. Not to mention the various amplifiers and a drum kit with ‘The Boss Hogs’ emblazoned across the front.

It was our also our first time at their reception venue, Boyne Hill House. We love coming across a stunning venue like that for the first time. Seeing everything with new eyes and lots of new possibilities. The beautiful house itself was surrounded by stunning gardens, woodlands and hidden stone staircases.

To top everything off, the weather was sensational. There was never any need for concern, as we got our “Indian Summer”, even if it was for just that day. The weather was so amazing that the speeches were held outdoors in the afternoon September sun. This was only the second time in five years of doing this that we saw outdoor speeches take place in this country!

It’s hard not to ramble on about Tasha and Joe or their amazing day. It was full of emotion. The speeches (which we filmed and they received in full to watch over in the years to come) were personal and heartwarming. Their wedding cake had tiers of doughnuts. There was small farmyard with a donkey peeking through the fence at morning prep. Tasha’s dress was stunning. Everything was perfect. As you’ll see.