Rebekah + Ross // Belfast City Centre Engagement Shoot //



We had the best time with Rebekah and Ross on their pre-wedding shoot. We'd known Rebekah online for a while, commenting back and forth on various wedding films we'd released and through email, but this was our first time meeting both her and Ross in person. It's probably a bit daunting when two people you've never met come walking towards you with cameras, but once introductions were out of the way and the first few camera clicks had passed, these guys were amazing. They get married on July 6th and we can't wait!

This was also a big night for us (Forever Social) as it was our first time shooting both film and photography for a couple. If you've been following our social media lately, or if you've received our brochure recently, you'll know that from July onwards, we'll be shooting both film and photography at weddings, where we've been booked for both. We've had a lot of amazing people already book us for film and photography in 2017 and 2018 and we can't wait to create some amazing visuals!

For Ross and Rebekah's shoot, we went for a walk around the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast, before moving onto the rooftop of Pineapple Studio (thanks to Tippy!) It was June 21st, the Summer Solstice. Unfortunately (and true to Belfast weather form) we didn't get any sunset shots, but Belfast looked beautifully moody, as an archetypal Northern Irish summer haze descended. 

We hope you enjoy the film + photos! Don't forget to click play on their film (right below this text!)

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