Who are Forever Social?

You can find out all about us in our 'About' section.

What are the details of your packages and prices?

We are currently taking bookings for 2019.

For film, our prices start at £1500. For photography, our prices start at £1500. For Photography and Film combined, our prices start at £3000. Please get in touch with us through our contact form and we'll send you out the relevant brochure.

So you do both photography and film? How does that work and what are the benefits of choosing you to do both?

In 2017 we added photography to the list of services we provide. Abby's background is in photography and as we filmed more and more weddings as a duo, we realised that we could do both the photography and videography and bring our vision to both. Abby is the photographer and Matt is the videographer.

There are so many benefits to this. We share the same vision and same style and now that look is present throughout our couple's photography and film. This is important, as in the past we have sometimes been paired with photographers of a very different or traditional style and this has impacted the quality and style of film we could achieve on the day.

To see a full blog post of a wedding where we shot both photography and film, click here.  

P.S We also continue to film weddings with other photographers whose work is similar to ours and we have many photographers who we love filming alongside!

Do you ever outsource your work? Either on the day or afterwards in the editing stage?

No, we never outsource our work. If you book us, it will be us (Matt and Abby) there with you on your day and it will be solely us who edits all of your visuals afterwards. We don't have interns, we don't get anyone else to shoot for us and we don't send our photos or films off to be edited by a third party.

Where are you based? Do you travel abroad?

We're based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but yes, we love to travel. We have special rates for destination weddings. You can see our Italian Destination wedding here!

Do you charge for travel?

The first 50 miles from our office in Belfast (BT9) are free. Outside of that, we charge a basic rate of 45p per mile. If your wedding is more than two hours journey time outside Belfast, we will also need accommodation for one, maybe two nights, depending on your wedding timetable. 

When are you currently taking bookings for?

We are currently taking bookings for 2019 and 2020 only.

Do you capture same sex weddings?

We haven't yet, but we'd love to! To us, love is love! 

If we're booking you for photography, how many images do we receive? 

You receive a minimum of 400 high quality images on our branded USB.

Can you hold our date?

Because of demand and the fact that we limit the amount of weddings we do per year, we can't hold your date without payment of your deposit in full. Once your deposit is paid, that's when your date is booked. 

Can we meet you?

We love to meet our couples ahead of their wedding day, just to put some names to faces and reassure them that they're in good hands. We usually meet at our office on Stranmillis in Belfast. 

During our busier season (May - October) we sometimes have our meetings via video through skype or facetime. It's just as effective and the only difference is the lack of handshake! 

How much coverage do you provide on our wedding day?

The amount of coverage we provide is based on which package you choose. In the morning, we always arrive at bridal prep 90 minutes before the bride is due to leave for the ceremony.

In the evening, depending on your package, we have two package options for when we wrap up our coverage. We finish up either after your speeches or a few dances after your first dance - we have more detailed info on our brochure. 

Will you "direct" us on the day?

Our rule is that we're there to document your day, not direct it. There are some exceptions to this rule, for example during your couple's session/portrait session and during your group shots. Our main aim is that we want you to enjoy your wedding day, because when you are enjoying yourself, it means we get amazing photos and film of you doing so!

We work naturally and unobtrusively in a "documentary" style. If you've chosen us for film only and you already have your photographer booked, the likelihood is that we won't give you any direction at all on your day, except maybe some minor requests during your "couples/portrait" session. The films you see in our portfolio have all been filmed with very little to no direction given from us.

If you've booked us for photography and film, we still work in the same way. But as mentioned above, we will give you some direction during your couple's portrait session (most couples want some direction here!) But we keep it natural and cool, just like the examples you see on our site.

Do you film/photograph at both parties morning prep?

We focus on one party in the morning, usually the bridal party. However, if both of you are getting ready at the same location, we can capture you both.  

Do you have a lot of intrusive gear?

We keep our gear to a minimum, which helps us remain unobtrusive. Our film cameras look just like photography cameras. The only time we use tripods is during your speeches, the rest of the day we are roaming free without a tripod. We also have some discreet audio gear for your film, including a small lapel mic, which gets us beautiful sound from your vows. But the aim with our gear is that it doesn't impact on you or your day in any way. It's all very minimal and fits into two backpacks. 

Who chooses the music for the film? 

We choose the music for your wedding film. We spend a long time selecting the right music to suit your day. (Check out for portfolio to hear some of the great music we've chosen!)  The music we use is paid for and licensed legally. The cost of the music is included in our existing package prices. We cannot use music that is copyrighted (.i.e like your favourite Bruce Springsteen track - unfortunately!) 

Do you record the full ceremony?

We don't film the entire ceremony as one continuous piece, although we are capturing amazing moments throughout your ceremony. We film your vows and your readings in their entirety. 

When will we receive our film?

Your films are received within 28 weeks of your wedding day. Film takes a long time to edit and our timescales are pretty standard across the wedding film industry.

When will we receive our photos? 

The delivery for film remains the same as above. But you'll receive your photos within 12-14 weeks, with a preview slideshow within two weeks of your wedding.

How do we receive our film/photos?

Your 3-5 minute wedding film or short 1 minute trailer will be uploaded and hosted online in high definition. You can share it wherever you like. If requested, we'll also provide you with a link to download your film. 

You'll also receive all of your films/photos on a bespoke, branded USB pen.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we're fully insured.

Do you film/photograph anything aside from Wedding Films?

In the past, we've filmed and photographed other projects professionally. We loved doing it and we made some great films and met a lot of great people along the way. We now only film and photograph weddings professionally. We made this decision, because we want to spend all of our professional time making the best wedding visuals around! 

How do we book?

Once you’ve made your decision and you're ready to book us, fill out all of your details in the contact form and if we're available to book on your date, we’ll send through our brochure followed by our paypal deposit form, where you can pay your deposit online via debit card. Once paid, that's us booked for your wedding! 

Our Privacy Policy

On the 25th of May 2018, the law in relation to privacy changed, with the introduction of GDPR legislation. Forever Social have taken the necessary steps to comply with all necessary privacy legislation. We take your privacy seriously and we will only use the information you provide to us to respond to you about our availability and to detail our packages and pricing. Should you book us, we will also contact you on the lead up to your wedding, to ensure that we have all necessary info to provide the products and services we offer.

We will never share your information with third parties, nor will we add you to a mailing list for any kind of marketing purposes. Our website, as well as the various websites we use to process any payments etc are all complaint with GDPR legislation, as are our computers.

If we are available and you'd like to book with us, we'll email you a deposit form and a booking form/contract. Both of these documents are stored on the cloud with GDPR complaint companies. Any and all information we have requested from you has been submitted voluntarily and is necessary so that we can provide the services laid out in our contractual agreement.  

Your visuals are stored, backed up and retained on multiple secure hard drives in two secure locations.

We will also seek your permission in our signed contract before sharing your visuals on our website/social media sites.